Are you an entrepreneur, Startup or plan to start your own business soon? This is the time to recognize your business habits. These business habits increase your success rates and drop your failure.

One of my friend Jack, who did good in their business earlier. After a while, he realizes that their business goes down day by day. He didn’t understand, what is going on? How to handle the situation? there is no any strategy worked and the fund is almost finished.

He did take advice by a mentor to resolve the issues. Mentor reviewed the situation and revealed that Jack had not good business habits. Due to this, he suffers from financial issues. Many of employees already left his company and customer support also destroyed. He did not any backup plan to outcome from this situation.

After developing business habits, Jack made the profitable business from loss-making organization again.

What jack mistakes? Quick don’ts you will also read at the end of the article, which will help you to apply business habits in proper ways.

Team building

Team building is the most important role in entire business. A good team will boom your business and a worst one drag your passion down. Associate great employees in your business and connect even after they leave. It will be beneficial for your business to take advice from them or using their services in emergencies. Always appreciate performers and degrade non-productive employees.

Cash flow

Cash flow is the financial term of any business. This is the not just income and expenses sheet. This is how organization increase their income flow and wisely expand for business. Cash inflow should always greater than cash outflow. This is the good sign of very strong business. All circulations perform better around cash flows. If your cash flow is not proper, You must work first on this concept. Positive cash flow saves and protects growing business.

Stay Financially Updated

Your Business financial document & accounting is the backbone to take the future decision. If this is not organized, how you will take a decision on the big opportunity? You can not en-cash these opportunities without knowing your actual strength. Your financial statement shows, where your business stands and achievements of your goal.

Regular connected with customers

Customers are the biggest asset of an organization or business. Your business is because of your customers. You must have plans to keep your customers forever. You can do it with regular communication with the customer via email, phone calls and messaging. They know about all your executions, products and services you offer.

A happy and satisfied customer always promote your business. Product Up-sell and cross-sell will automatically increase. You do not need to worry about your new product launching because you have the customer base to offer a new product as a trial. They will give you best feedback and review your products and services.

Read, Learn and Grow

In this cut-throat competition, you need to update yourself first, business is going to change every day. You need to upgrade your resources as well as technology. You can provide the latest and updated products as well as services to compete for the market. This will need lots of books reading, learning new tactics, correct small business mistakes for steady business growth. You can do it with online blogs reading, watch videos and listen to an audio podcast.

Third party relationship

The third-party relationship is one of the important business habit. The third party of a business will support business structure, manage your surrounding business pillars. They can be your Lawyers, Vendors, Bankers etc. A good relationship with all these third parties will always make your business stable. this will also make your business processing smooth.


Deliver products or services before deadlines always give you comfort. Develop a processing system which is fast to deliver.

Marketing and sales strategy

Although Marketing and sales strategy is part of your sales department. But you can update your marketing and sales strategy with short intervals. You can check these strategies and replace poor strategy with more aggressive strategy. What customer wants is also a part of marketing and sales division. You should use all marketing channels to excel your business promotion.

Future provisions

All future provisions are inevitable. Your all provision should under your vision and mission without wandering. This will ensure your business going well in future. Business should also upgrade according to fulfill future requirements.

Emergency Backup

To develop a backup system in all your processing will protect your business. There are ups and downs in every business. Create your backup system in good time will save the business in bad time.


  • Unorganized business schedule
  • Poor customer support
  • Business expansion without positive cash flow


You can develop Business habits when you are passionate about. This is not rocket science. You can easily grab and apply into your business life.

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