Everyone wants to improve their General knowledge. General knowledge and general awareness is very important now a days because 80% competitive exams have paper for Gk, and without improving your Gk you cannot pass.

So you must follow the following tips in order to improve your General knowledge.

1. Read English international GK newspaper daily:-

You must read international Gk newspaper or magazines daily. I’m saying International Gk newspaper because there are thousands of regional newspaper all around the globe, in you can find the news related to your region only which is not sufficient and even far below than that sufficient line. They have news of murders, accidents etc not Gk news. So you must chose an English International Gk newspaper and should read daily for 1 hour.

The Hindu is best newspaper of India for improving Gk. Daily reading Gk newspaper habit will surely do improve your general knowledge and general awareness and there will be no need for you to learn Gk. Regular dose of such newspaper will make you different from the crowd.

Todays news is tomorrows history. If you know what all the major events of 2009 are, and can talk about them in detail, then ten years down the line you’ll be able to answer questions on them.

The best way to keep up with news is to read a quality newspaper – tabloids lack depth and reliability. Otherwise, you can watch the news on TV or listen to the radio.

2. Listen to English News everyday:-

Everyday you must spend your minimum half an hour for listening to English news. English news listening dose everyday will improve your Gk with grasping word power. You will be able to grasp and recognise words more accurately. This will obvious sharpen your memory also. You can listen news in any channel or in radio, as they are the best source of news.

3. Read Gk books:-

Reading is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge. I’d say that books are probably the best source of knowledge. You should read a large number of non-fiction books on a variety of subjects. You should also read classics as questions on literature are very common and if you’ve read the book they tend to be easy.   Read more and more General knowledge and awareness books. You can find thousands of Gk books in the book store you can chose anyone of your choice and start reading. The best general knowledge’s books are competition success review and pratiyogita darpan, you can read anyone of these or you can buy their subscription so that you will be able to receive them at your door step every month.

If you didn’t find any international Gk newspaper than this Gk books will work. You can follow both of them for better success.

4. Surf the web:-

There are more knowledge you can find in the web than any other sources. Even some news and articles of Gk magazines are also sometimes taken from the web or Internet. So you should surf the web for the purpose of grasping knowledge not for the purpose of chatting. Newspapers and magazines are best source for getting knowledge of current affairs but in the web you can grasp all type of Gk like historical Gk and current affairs. So it is a best source.

There are many good Q and A sites such as : Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers, The Answer Bank and, of course, SearchWarp’s very own Q and A.

These sites give you specific things that you can go and find out about. By answering questions that you already know the answers to you are revising. The more you revise what you know the less likely you are to forget things.  

5. Take quizzes and Gk games:-

What better way to learn answers to quizzes than to watch them? I like to watch quiz shows in fast forward to cut out all the chatting and get straight to the questions.

You should take at least every month Gk test and quizzes either in the newspaper or in the web. There are so many sites where you can take quizzes. If you don’t know the name of the sites then write in Google search:- Gk quiz and they will provides you the name  of many sites chose one and start. Most of the quiz shows I discussed earlier, are available in game format – board or electronic. Select the ones you like and have a go at the games.

Well I would prefer to write a name of one Gk site from where you can improve Gk and also can earn it is.

6. Watch Documentaries

TV is not all bad. Yes, we have reality TV dumbing it down, but at least the documentary still exists. These programs are fantastically clever and are often wonderfully made and highly entertaining – you could watch a David Attenborough with the sound off.

7. Write

Writing for me has been a great way to expand my knowledge. Before I even start to write an article I go out and do some research, which leads me back to my point about reading.

The other advantage with writing is that it allows you to consolidate your knowledge. If you know a lot about a subject and you write about it your putting all your knowledge in one place which you can refer back to.

If you follow all these tips then no body can stop you.  and  you’ll soar at quizzes and be generally cleverer. It’s pretty  simple to do and, I’d say, enjoyable.

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