There are so many stories of women who face sexual violence or a random attack by a stranger as well as being abused in some way. In fact, many women who start training in self-defense usually choose to begin after they have been the victim of some kind of assault.

The world is changing and becoming more unpredictable. As such, self-defense training is must for every woman’s to-do list. Due to upward crime graph against women, self-defense training is not only required but also suggested, so that they can resist any kind of sexual assault as well as random attacks.

Reason to join self-defense training program and using self-defense weapon

  • It Improve self-confidence
  • Training program makes you safe when away from home
  • You will focus on competition, not on defense after learning this program
  • It helps to reduce dependency on others
  • It Improve Healthy and fit lifestyle due to exercises and physical moves
  • It is able to handle Dangerous and Emergency Situations
  • You will be physically educated in terms of self-defense
  • To Reduce Sexism / Discrimination

When to start self-defense?

For a girl, Proper training starts from 11 years old and plans to introduce some basic self-defense moves around when she is 8 or 9 years old. Discipline and mindset are most important when she learn self-defense. In most cases, height is also having the important role to start the self-defense, at least 36 inches tall is enough to start self-defense training. An adult can join or learn self-defense anytime.


Martial arts training

Martial arts are extremely varied in discipline, training and various technique. This type of self-defense develops your mind to understand attacker’s move and act against to defuse harmlessly and save yourself from physical damage.

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Aikido Defense

This is the type of Japanese martial art. Aikido requires very little physical strength, so it is ideal for women, men who don’t “live in the gym” or older people past their physical primes.

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Kung Fu Versatility

Developed in China and considered the grandfather to nearly all martial arts forms, Kung Fu offers something for everyone. From hard styles to soft, from internal to external systems, the offerings are staggering.

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Classic Karate Moves

Karate, arguably the most well known of all the martial arts, is a Japanese striking art that utilizes a variety of offensive techniques to overcome an opponent.

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How to find the right kind of training?

This is the measure question about how to find right kind of self-defence training, you can choose a good training program after reading these key points-

Type of class

What kind of self-defense program you want to learn, you can use the internet to check your convenient program and suits your physical stamina.


Your age also plays an important role to find right self-defense training


If you are female, you should choose the comfortable and literate mentor to learn this training. A female mentor suggested to females.

Learning Session

Attend the session and observe the practical part/program, you should choose 2-3 months program only, Not more than that, read curriculum and focus on a number of practical sessions. techniques seem useful in scenarios you might actually encounter in life. Moves look like easy to execute. After reviewing this checklist you should move ahead.


Self-defense weapon is also available in the market, to use these weapons, you need minimal training. I am suggesting some weapon which is easy to handle and safe to use.


As females are part of society and they have rights to live life without fear. Girls and women always have an image of weak strength without power. In that case, they need to be powerful with some art to defend themselves.

If you want to know more or have some questions, just write into the comment box below this article. Your suggestions are also invited.


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