Yesterday I was meeting with a person who is badly trapped with debt, and when I talk to this about meeting at my home, his quick reply was, I am too busy. I was shocked, Busy with what kind of things?

Did he got the way to come out with debt or any plan for execution for more money, etc? I guess and asked him

He accused that one TV serial is an import for him. OMG !! this was ridiculous for me, was he troll himself or me?

Where is his sense? what kind of excuse has he given to me?

Many of people actually not aware what they are doing and what they need to do? So I did mind it to write, where are we actually in terms of doing and wanting?

How to express that desire?

There is two type of desire, wanting desire and having the desire. Let me explain
Sentence 1: I need it
Sentence 2: Anyhow, I must have it.

The first sentence proves it’s ok if he achieve the goal or not
And the second sentence opposes and make a force to grab the things anyhow.

So what your category is? look at your routine, can we focus what actually we want, and give few minutes to do for your actual desire, your answer aware you. If you find many obstacles against you to get what you want, just keep calm yourself, and ask yourself, How can I get it what I actually want. Reply with alternates will help you to reach your goal.

What actually you need?

But what you do to get above things? instead of these what you actually do?
Watching TV
Spend time on social media
Using free phone facility

Now what? if you ask a question to yourself then you are on right track.

Manage your day log 

Just maintain a daily spend time log file which is enough to open your eyes. you will know that where my time was gone.

Install an application which will provide your phone spend time on the various application.

More or less you can judge yourself.

The second step is

My friend asked me what we do with my saved time?

I smile and replied, you can study and literate about what you want. someone wants to learn guitar, someone wants to learn marketing etc. there are thousands of articles and material online which is enough to literate you for your passion.

This is the information era where you can earn by delivering information. before 20 years it was the industrial era when industries were growing.

Yup, finally the conclusion is you should grow yourself.

I read somewhere, Mercedes advertisement not displayed on television, because tv viewers do not purchase Mercedes. hope you understand what I am saying. Everyone has their own problems, at least we can work out on the solution of own problems instead of a non-productive task.

In this way, busyness functions as a kind of laziness. To combat this mentality you need to be purposeful in your actions. Set goals for your day and make some promises to yourself to be accountable for your activities.

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