What is automated customer support?

Every business has many kinds of communications with their customers, employees and third parties. This is the biggest task to handle all customer support inquiries in working hours. There are repeating the same question many times and it will suck all your energy. Are you hectic with many replies to the single question from your potential customers? This blog will resolve this issue for your organization.

Hey, I am Nitin. I am talking about the business problem which you find worse to handle again and again.

How to resolve it in a traditional way?

In common, Organization recruits the person who replies all the answers to customers either they are potential buyers or existing customers. There is no guarantee that the person delivers reply well. It’s more technical to handle all Inquiries with a standard quality with the satisfied reply.

What kind of business faces this issues in routine?

Almost every business and services customer having so many queries. I am giving you some business examples like

  1. Software
  2. Hosting services
  3. Assembled products
  4. Health and beauty products
  5. Financial services

The Modern way to handle customer Inquiry
When your customer put any Inquiry in query box on your website, He/She will get similar suggestion related to the customer query on their screen. If the customer gets their desired reply, he will not put any Inquiry. In result, you will save your worthy time and a ton of inquiries will be resolved without your involvement.

Your organization saves much time to boost productivity and other productive work.

The Answerbase Q&A Platform facilitates users being able to ask questions, browse Q&A content, and receive quality answers. Each system comes with administration and moderation tools to manage the Q&A platform and activity.

Sounds good !!

You can sign up here to Answerbase and enjoy 30 days free service

Sign up for 30 days free trial of Answerbase


  1. Establishes a Productive Knowledge Base
  2. Increased Conversions, Sales, and Customer Retention
  3. Generates Valuable Leads
  4. Increases Your Search Marketing Traffic
  5. Boosts Your Re-marketing Reach
  6. Improves Marketing & Support Content Reviews
  7. Saves Customer Service Time & Resources
  8. Improves Service & Support Quality
  9. Identifies Your Brand as a Thought Leader
  10. Delivers Valuable Business Insights
  11. Identifies Subject ­Matter Expert Performance
  12. Establishes Community & Engagement
  13. Enables You to Focus on Your Business
  14. Features of this product
  15. Q&A Widgets & Widget Builders
  16. Customized Responsive Design
  17. Community Q&A Capabilities
  18. Single Sign-­On, Login, and Registration
  19. Developer API
  20. Content Moderation & Management Tools
  21. Manage User Accounts & Profile Management Tools
  22. Categorization & Tagging
  23. Insights & Analytics

Launch Your Own Q&A Platform in Minutes

Sign up for 30 days free trial of Answerbase

Sum up

  • Visitors ask questions and receive quick and effective answers
  • Comprehensive administration and moderation tools
  • Flexible customization and integration capabilities

Quality Social Proof



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Time is precious, Organization tries best to save execution time for best and affordable output. In that case, customer support and resolve their inquiry as soon as possible is like a challenge. If customer query solved with automated reply system. You will save a lot of time and energy.

Give your customer an instant solution via this Q&A tool and make them eager to connect you.

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