Animation is an art form which, in its modern appearance, appeared alongside the development of film. Earlier attempts at making drawings move were only experimental.Animation had been done before, but stories were never told.
In Other words-  Animation is a graphic representation of drawings to show movement within those drawings.  A series of drawings are linked together and usually photographed by a camera.  The drawings have been slightly changed between individualized frames so when they are played back in rapid succession (24 frames per second) there appears to be seamless movement within the drawings.
Pioneers of animation include Winsor McCay of the United States and Emile Cohl and Georges Melies of France.  Some consider McCay’s Sinking of the Lusitania from 1918 as the first animated feature film.
Early animations, which started appearing before 1910, consisted of simple drawings photographed one at a time.  It was extremely labor intensive as there were literally hundreds of drawings per minute of film.  The development of celluloid around 1913 quickly made animation easier to manage.  Instead of numerous drawings, the animator now could make a complex background and/or foreground and sandwich moving characters in between several other pieces of celluloid, which is transparent except for where drawings are painted on it.  This made it unnecessary to repeatedly draw the background as it remained static and only the characters moved.  It also created an illusion of depth, especially if foreground elements were placed in the frames.
Walt Disney took animation to a new level.  He was the first animator to add sound to his movie cartoons with the premiere of Steamboat Willie in 1928.  In 1937, he produced the first full length animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
With the introduction of computers, animation took on a whole new meaning.  Many feature films of today had animation incorporated into them for special effects.  A film like Star Wars by George Lucas would rely heavily on computer animation for many of its special effects.  Toy Story, produced by Walt Disney Productions and Pixar Animation Studios, became the first full length feature film animated entirely on computers when it was released in 1995.

How Create Animation_

Example-Here is an animated star.  This was created using six individual drawings from HyperStudio.  Below are two thumbnail sketches of animations.  Click on the thumbnails to see the animations.
The next step in this process is yours to decide.  Have your students write stories and animate them, or have them demonstrate a concept they learned in class.  These are just a few of the endless possibilities you and your students could try; ultimately, the choice will come from your imaginations.

Drawing Picture-

Starting with a basic design of a star, we have “copied the card,” “pasted the card.” and “moved to the last card.”  At this point we have two cards that are exactly the same.  Now the student can begin altering this card.  We chose to use the lasso tool in the tool bar (see picture below) and “lasso” the star.  Once that is done, students can move the star about the card.  By moving it slightly left or right, up or down, they have created a different card.  Now they can go through the “copy, paste and move” procedure again.  By lassoing the star again and moving it slightly, they now will have three cards.  They can continue to do this until they feel they have enough different images to create their animation
These are some animation school in india

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad Paldi
Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay
MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design, Pune
The Whistling Woods International Institute for Film, Television & Media Arts, Mumbai
DSK International School of Design, Pune
Srishti School of Design, Bangalore

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