Computer maintenance is so vital these days – especially for us as blogger. It is well-known that bloggers almost use its computer for 24 hours and seven days with short-time for exception. It can be said the computer issue is serious problem that can lead to income decreasing (I have faced it for several time)than there is only free utility software for window to decrease those problems. Therefore, as bloggers, we should always take care of our computer so the condition is always on the top. There are many utility software available around internet that can be utilized to maintain our computer – especially a Windows powered computer.

Here is two free utility software that can be a big help to maintain our Windows computer. Fresh Diagnose to know inside of our computer and 360 Amigo System Speedup to improve the computer performance.

Fresh Diagnose

Fresh Diagnose is an utility software that can help us to test the performance of computer. By using Fresh Diagnose, users can know the detail information about inside computer and also provides a simple benchmarking function. If compare with similar software, Fresh Diagnose has an advantage on the file size. Fresh Diagnose installer is only 1.93 MB size and after installed, the size is 8.30 MB. It is very compact if compare with the most popular software, SiSoft Sandra which needs 60 MB size after installed.

Fresh Diagnose’s users interface (UI) is quite simple so it is easy to be used. There are two ways to do the navigation – by using icon list or via file menu on above. As additional, users can also use the “thre chart” on the left as like when use Windows Explorer. Fresh Diagnose offers the detail testing result which includes application, hardware, network, multimedia, and database. The interesting features are Snapshot and Traces. Snapshot can be utilized to report the current system activities. Traces can be utilized to show the historical logs of what we have done on the computer.

The historical logs includes Search history, Recent Files, and Internet Cookies. Another interesting feature is Benchmark module which can be utilized to measure our computer performance. The performance measurement includes processor, memory, hard disk, and multimedia capability. Since it is a simple benchmarking, the process is quite fast. The benchmarking result is shown on intuitive format – the graphical comparison format indeed. Unfortunately, the comparison data are quite old so may not be accurate.

This software supports Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 200, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. You can download it for free (as long as for non-commercial use) from  It’s Official Website _ http:// .

360 Amigo System Speedup

As you knew, Windows system is quite vulnerable for performance degradation which cause by the junk, temp files, and “dirty” registry. 360 Amigo System Speedup works to solve this kind of issues. 360 Amigo System Speedup is an utility software that can help us to improve our Windows based computer performance. There are several modules available which are System Cleaner, System Optimizer, and System Tools. It is the combination of these modules that can improve the degradation of computer performance.

360 Amigo System Speedup can also be utilized to do hard disk de-fragmentation and system optimization. It is quite easy to use this software – just need to click the “Repair” button and then it will automatically work to improve our computer performance. On System Optimizer, NetState acts as security guard for internet access. NetState detects the malicious software, isolate it, and delete it if needed. 360 Amigo System Speedup’s other optimization features is quite similar with Windows default such as Process Manager, Service Manager, and Startup Manager.

360 Amigo System Speedup is also equipped with Internet Defense feature which helps to block the un-intended website address, cookies, and ActiveX . System Tools module offers several interesting features such as File Shredder to completely destroy the files, Disk Wiper to completely erase the hard disk data, File/Folder Backup to backup the data, and File Encryption/Decryption to protect the data.

This software supports Windows 200, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, and Windows 7. You can get this application from It’s Official Website _

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