Internet today has become the need of every person whether for a child studying in a primary class or for an employee working in a multi national company. Internet has surely taken a place in our lives which can not be replaced by anything. Education institutes give special training in computers to students keeping the need of internet in today’s world. Hence, access to internet is available everywhere whether it is home, school, office, library etc.

It is common to see teenagers checking out porn websites on the internet. I could have used the word ‘caught’ rather using ‘found’ but too much exposure to pornography in movies and internet has really made it a common thing and elders find it difficult to stop them. One can only tell them that information given by porn websites are misleading and corrupting and in exaggerated way, so to quench their thirst of curiosity, they can always go to elders. But elders also cannot stop teenagers from sitting on the internet because it is beneficial and it is not possible to keep a check on them at all times.

There are many side effects of exposure to pornography in small children at an early age. As more children are getting exposed to pornography, they are catching wrong information about ‘sex’ in an extremely incorrect way. This also encourages them to try and involve in sexual practices quite early which is harmful for their both mental and physical health. In United States, on an average there are about one in four teenagers who acquire sexually transmitted disease (STD) every year. Another after affect is the involvement of teenagers in unsafe sex resulting in increasing rate of pregnancies amongst teenagers.

In fact now we often hear the news of children acting out sexually against their foes or someone they do not like. This is the result of too much exposure which provokes them to behave sometimes sexually out of anger and frustration. Children who very often expose themselves to pornography through any medium tends to get distracted from their studies and self development as their mind is always occupied with some porn scene or information. These children also start making their own thoughts and attitudes towards critical issues like physical intimacy, love and marriage which are generally influenced by what they watch and discuss with their friends.

Children are identified with their innocence and clean mind but early exposure takes away that innocence from them. They start behaving like grown up adults and their minds already get filled with rubbish and incorrect knowledge.

But one can not avoid it because parents can not be available everywhere to keep a check on their kids. They are bound to get exposed to pornography through some or the other way but its affect can be reduced. If children are given the correct information on such issues either by parents or school teachers through ‘sex education’, then their minds can be trained to discriminate between right and wrong. By maintaining a friendly and open relation with them, they can be educated in the correct way which would also discourage them to watch anything rubbish like porn websites. Such small measures by parents and teachers can surely help them out as they are small and really not aware of their doings

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