The ultimate secret of marketing success is not what you think. Everyone wanted to know that what is ultimate secrets of success of marketing.

It must be a Positive Mental Attitude, right?


Then it must be the belief in yourself, right?


OK then, what Is the Key to Success?  real-life success where you live the life YOU want and not the life SOMEONE ELSE tells you that you must live?

Growth is a tricky thing. marketing is a tricky thing because growth always involves change. And for most, change seems hard.

But, change is the ultimate secret to marketing.

“There is only one rule, remember, – do not stop and do not drop out of the game.”

The ultimate secret to marketing is the change in your business strategy.

The first change that may be necessary for growth is to start looking at change as a positive element of your success. Start seeing change as a good thing. Start looking for signs of change, practicing change on purpose, looking for change opportunities.

get Uncomfortable on Purpose! – Your wealth, your success, will correspond with the size of your mindset. Get in front of an audience and speak start blogging, network with prospects, write personal thank you notes. Let someone else be in charge or take the credit for success. You can’t grow unless you are uncomfortable – embrace it!. Write a book. Start a radio show. Create a podcast. You are so much bigger than you are allowing yourself to be. Reach.

Get Bigger Ideas – Tear your products and services apart. Look for ways to approach an industry problem like no one else can or will. Your ideas don’t have to be that big as long as they are world-altering. Come up with one idea this year that makes someone say you are nuts – and then go do it.

Get Value – No matter what you offer, it can be better. Heap more and more on your products and services, give stuff that no one expected you to give. Add services over and above what you agree upon. Force people to talk about how incredible you are.

Get What You’re Worth – If you do any of the steps above, you will be more able to do this. Raise your prices. Choose to work with fewer clients at much higher rates. Sell based on value, not on time. And, refuse to work with clients that don’t appreciate the value you have to offer. You can make more space in your head to serve your clients when you don’t have clients that bring you down.

The fundamental truth is – NEVER GIVE UP AFFILIATE MARKETING! That is it; you do not even have to read further. This is the only advice that will help you to get to the top and become successful, rich and satisfied.

The Transition From Pest To Welcome Guest

How do you feel about a dear friend who shows up at your front door? Contrast this with how you feel about a stranger selling door-to-door who interrupts your dinner or family time.

What’s the difference? 

The former is a welcome guest, someone you have a relationship and connection with. The latter is a pest. You don’t know who he is, where he’s from and most likely you don’t even want or need what he’s selling.

The welcome guest brings value to your life, whereas the pest is there to interrupt you and to take.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could approach a prospect and treat them as a welcome guest rather than a pest? Selling becomes much easier and more pleasant when you are welcoming with open arms and when the prospect is interested in what you have to offer.

This is the transformation you have to make in your business and in your marketing. The transition from being a pest to a welcome guest.

Understanding The Goal Of Your Advertising

Most business owners are clueless about the purpose of their marketing. They slap the name of their business on their ad with a pretty logo and some meaningless slogan claiming to be the leader in their industry or area.

If you ask them what the purpose of their advertising is, most will say it’s to sell their products or to “get their name out there”. This is WRONG! Dead wrong. They may as well be flushing money down the toilet.

The whole purpose of your advertising is not to immediately make a sale – it’s to find people who have interest in what you do and put them on your follow up the database so that you can build value for them, position yourself as an authority and create a relationship built on trust.

After doing this, the sale comes (if it’s right for them) as a natural consequence.

This will take a mindset shift but is an vital concept to understand.

Delay Gratification

Why not try to sell to them from your ad? It’s true that some people reading your ad might be ready to buy immediately, but THE VAST MAJORITY will not be ready to make a purchasing decision on the very day they read your ad – even if they show interest in what you do.

If you don’t put them in a database then you’ve lost them. They might have been ready to buy in a month, six months or a year. But since your advertising was “one-shot” you’ve completely wasted that opportunity. Your chances of them remembering your one-shot ad from six months ago are slim.

This also has a secondary side effect with the people who are ready to buy immediately. They see you’re not desperate to sell or discount your product or service. They see that you’re interested in building a relationship first rather than going for the jugular.

This kind of marketing is like farming. It is an investment in your future because as your database grows, so will your business and your results.

Marketing Your Business Farmer Style

Accept the fact most people will not buy right away.

Put them in a database – and by the database, this could be email or physical direct mail (both).

Mail them something to stay in touch, positioning yourself as an expert in your industry or field.

And like a farmer, wait for that prospect to become ready for harvest.

This growing list of prospects and the relationship you have with them will become the most valuable asset in your business. It’s the golden goose.

Now when the prospect is finally ready to buy, you’re a welcome invited guest rather than a pest.

The most important thing you can take away from this message is to become a marketing farmer. It’s a simple three-step process:

Advertise with the intention of finding people who show interest in what you do. Do this by offering a free report, video, CD, etc. Any kind of free information that presents a solution to a problem they have. 

Add them to your database

nurture them and provide them with value. For example a newsletter on your industry or information on how to get the most from whatever it is you do or offer. Important point – do not make this a constant sales pitch. That will become old very. Be sure to offer them valuable information with an occasional pitch or special offer. Most important of all be sure to keep in contact – at least once a month, otherwise, the prospect will forget you and your relationship will then relegate to that of a cold prospect and pest salesperson.

If you become a “marketing farmer”, you’ll have a rich and continual harvest as your database grows in number and quality.


The future growth of your business is dependent on quality marketing executed . Rank marketing is an important area of your business so you give it the attention it deserves. By changing your mindset about marketing, you will be able to make marketing a habit that produces impressive results. this is the ultimate success of marketing. subscribe for latest articles and more information.


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